Welcome to the Ferox Tower GmbH

Courage always comes before action. Especially in this day and age , you have to have the courage to dare new things . The vision, but also the courage to make a decision for the future depends on many things. Following this motto , the Ferox Real Estate Group has decided to conquer the Dutch real estate market with the Ferox Tower GmbH as a new and exciting market in 2013. Declining home prices combined with low interest rates offer the possibility to continue investing in the future and expand. The Dutch tradition to invest in your own property as soon as possible, is gradually being broken . Declining equity of households will increase the demand in the rental sector . In this context, the Ferox Tower GmbH is exposed to naturally existing risks, but will also benefit from the potential opportunities. Especially the transformation of existing properties can develop positive synergies. New concepts , adapted to current demand groups can be used and implemented. Even today, more and more vacant office buildings are being converted to hotels and / or convention buildings in the Netherlands. The conversion of office to residential property is in our focus.

Pioneering real estate projects are our strength - from the basic design of the project to the creation of the building permits and funding to professional realization and sale or rental.

With our team of experienced specialists we are always competent consultant and trusted partner . We are engaged in the process, goal- directed and ready to move any time, with short decision making paths.

We identify and evaluate worthwhile investments and develop innovative real estate concepts that meet the special conceptions of our partners accurately . We always ensure the highest quality in planning and implementation - and of course an optimum exit value.